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Hard Drive Brackets
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Note for non-US customers

Closed for Business:

  • After eight and a half years, I am no longer selling hard drive brackets and accessories since Dell discontinued the applicable computers years ago.

  • Thanks to all of my customers who made this hobby-business a fun and rewarding experience for me!

  • If you have other ideas or suggestions for what I should do next, please email me! info@issue-resolved.com

Quick Links:

Thanks for visiting iResolved.com! This page describes a little about the company and benefits of buying from my small company. Use the links to the left to check out the products.

Buy from a trusted seller

8+ years of experience: I've been selling brackets since May 2003 and have refined the parts, instructions, and shipping materials to make this a seamless process. Plus I've been an eBay member since July 2001 and am a PayPal verified merchant with over 1,000 verified buyers.

5,500+ brackets sold: The kit works! I personally ran two drives, a CDR, DVD player, floppy, and 3 PCI cards on my machine for 3 years and just added a 160 gB drive and 2.6 gHz processor without any heating or power issues.

Always accessible: If you have any questions, email me at alex@issue-resolved.com and I'll get back you very quickly and personally.


Shipping at actual cost

$4.85 USPS Priority Mail in the US (2-3 day transit time). Free shipping on multiple kit orders in the US. NOTE: all shipments are on the Monday following your order

Free delivery confirmation and insurance: you want your part and I want to make sure you get it.

Want more information? Email  info@issue-resolved.com.

*Special details: $3 off all hard drive bracket kits. Round cables are shipped in place of the standard ribbon cable when the upgrade is added. All other terms and conditions apply.

Advice and upgrades...

Factory-direct memory upgrades Want to really improve your Dell Dimension's performance? Upgrade your RAM The Crucial Memory Advisor Tool takes the guesswork out of upgrading your system's memory.

If you want to buy a hard drive or other computer peripherals, I suggest Amazon.com!

I recommend Rickmktg's site for assistance with memory for your Dell, buying a Dell, configuration help, and more. With over 16,500+ posts on DellTalk and 20 years providing computer help, Rick's assistance has been invaluable to many. Visit Rick's site now by clicking here! Rick also has links on his site to software deals - including getting Norton products for free year after year, students buy software at great discounts, etc Dell, Circuit City, and many more! The direct link is www.rickmktg.com


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