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Note for non-US customers

Hard Drive Brackets

Closed for Business:

  • After eight and a half years, I am no longer selling hard drive brackets and accessories since Dell discontinued the applicable computers years ago.

The hard drive bracket kits contain everything you need to add additional hard drive(s) to your Dell Dimension.

The Third Drive Bracket Kit helps you add a third hard drive to a system that already has two brackets/hard drives. It is compatible with both iResolved brackets and the Dell designed brackets! Click here for compatibility info.

The Premium Kit comes with a round cable for better cable management and airflow. For more details about the cables go to the next page.

Note for non-US customers

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w/ Round Cable

Third Bracket Kit
Bracket, Y Power Cable, and Screws


Regular Bracket Kit
Bracket, IDE Cable, and Screws


Premium Bracket Kit
Bracket, Round IDE Cable, Screws


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