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Closed for Business:

  • After eight and a half years, I am no longer selling hard drive brackets and accessories since Dell discontinued the applicable computers years ago.


Regular Kit


The Regular Hard Drive Bracket Kit contains everything you need to add a second hard drive to a Dell Dimension except the hard drive. Click here for the compatibility list.



More Information:


  • Hard drive bracket: designed to mount to the existing bracket and computer case made of sturdy 0.035 thick galvanized steel
  • Regular flat ribbon cable: 18 ATA100/66  with two connections-80 conductor, 40 pin cable.
  • All necessary screws: 6-32x4mm for the hard drive and 6-32 x 0.25 used for mounting.
  • Illustrated installation instructions


  • Compatible systems: Dell Dimension 2300, 2350, 2400, 3000. OPTIONAL on the Dimension 4600, 4700 and OptiPlex 160L and 170L Mini-Tower (not compatible with the Dimension 2100 or L Series)

  • Complete package: The kit includes everything you need. The computer already has an extra power plug, but needs the included 3-plug IDE cable. The instructions are comprehensive and users have told me they've found them to be very helpful.

  • Stable design: This design replicates Dell's original design and provides a sturdy 8 point mounting to insure no vibrations and fast thermal transfer for the fastest performance.

  • No heating/power issues: Any Dell computer can run two hard drives, two optical drives, and a floppy drive with no power or cooling issues. Over 1,500 people have successfully added a kit with no reported issues.

  • Brand new items: all components are new and shipped in virgin packing materials from a non-smoking location.



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