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Please feel free to read some of my customers' comments... (and submit your own after you've purchased a kit!)  

I must thank you for your fast delivery, 2 and a half days for delivery from you to us (in the UK), that is terrific service, I was expecting it to take at least a week. Again many thanks for the fast delivery.
na W., Bouremouth, Dorset, UK

When I made my order I asked for the product to be shipped as soon as possible and within less than a week I received the kit.....and I'm in the UK. Absolutely brilliant service and the kit fits exactly, no problems at all - excellent!
Damien T., Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK

I am overseas military and ordered your product when I thought I was stuck not being able to upgrade my Dell. Not only did you provide a solution, but your product arrived faster than any other Mail Order product ordered to date. Thanks for your great product, excellent professionalism and dedicated nature.
Nick A., US Armed Forces

I called Dell Canada to inquire about purchasing a bracket for my Dimension 3000. The spare parts department told me it would cost $85 and would take 2 weeks to get to me! After searching the net for 20 minutes, I found issue-resolved. Alex responded to my online order and shipped my bracket that same day. One week and 10 easy minutes later, my second HDD was in. The directions were clear and the included IDE cable make this a great product for the Dell consumer.
Tim M.
, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Ok, You do deserve some kind of prize.  This is the simplest installation I have ever done.. Usually I am cutting pieces of the cabinet and silently (or not so silently) cursing as I work.  I have been working in computers since the days of the DEC 'flip chips' and have always had a bit of trepidation when I open up any computer. The fact that the holes lined up was, by itself, wonderful.
Bernie M., Newton, MA

This is one of the best fabrications that I have seen. The bracket is very professionally stamped, the holes all line up exactly, and everything fits. I read all the forum comments on the difficulties that others have had trying to get the bracket from Dell, and decided that I didn't want to deal with the hassle. I ordered the bracket from you and received it within a few days. Many thanks for a great solution to a problem that Dell obviously refuses to help their customers solve.
Dave M., Middleburg, FL

After Dell tech support said it was "impossible" to add a second drive to my son's Dimension 2400, I thought I'd need to cob a new bracket. Thanks to your product I didn't need to-and all the holes aligned perfectly. Thank you for the excellent product and service.
Gary D., Albany, NY

I normally don't make time to review vendors I purchase from over the internet ( I know I should) , but after I told my girlfriend that I was pleasantly surprised by the good service I received from a "non-warehouse" seller such as yourself, she guilted me into making sure I gave you the positive feedback you deserve. I just wanted to say I was very impressed with your level of service. I placed the order right before Christmas, and it actually still showed up before Christmas ! I didn't even need it in a rush, but it beat most of the holiday gifts I ordered over the internet (which I DID need in a rush) to my house! Your installation instructions were very detailed, and I was surprised to see they included color pictures to aid in installation - I already had a cable, but I really liked the fact that your install kit included all screws, cables, and everything I would need to install. I'm a sales manager for a company that sells refurbished computer hardware (usually large servers), and we have to be just as detailed - and in an industry where many people don't pay attention to that sort of detail, it's nice to deal with someone else that does.
Thanks again for the good service and quality product, and good luck selling more brackets!
George C., Atlanta, GA

Ok I don't want to get to excited but this bracket is GREAT!!!!! I ordered the product on a Friday was told it would arrive on the following Monday or Tuesday. When I came home from work Monday afternoon the bracket was here waiting for me. I had my daughter's new 120 gig hard drive installed, data transferred and old 40 gig hard drive removed about 1 hour later. Why so long you ask. It took roughly 50 minutes to transfer the data from her old drive to her new drive. The bracket came with everything you need cable, screws easy to follow instructions. For some one regularly screws up the easy stuff. This was wayyyyyyyyy too simple. End result bigger hard drive in my daughter's computer and a VERY HAPPY DAUGHTER!!!!!!
Ron W., Victorville, CA

The overall transaction and quality of the product was great. The installation was incredibly easy; coming from a 16-year old with minimal computer-modding knowledge. It made adding an extra hard drive to my dimension 2400 so much simpler than dealing with dell.
Yu-yu R., Ballwin, MO

I was looking everywhere and surfing ages to find this exact bracket designed to fit a second hard drive into my DELL dimension 3000 ... until I fell on your site. This is good invention which saved me lot of money and dead easy to install ... Thumbs up !! Customer service was excellent and delivery quite fast.
P., Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

I just got the kit and it took me a whopping 3 minutes (I'm slow) to install the kit. Windows XP instantly recognized the older Quatum Fireball CX hard drive. I didn't even have to set the BIOS!! :)
Thanks again for having this kit available. It was a real life saver.
Jeff J., Redford Township, MI

I want to thank you very much for responding to my questions. It is easy to see that you understand customer service and it is refreshing to do business with someone who shares my views and is responsive. The installation went smoothly without a hitch. You get very high grades for service from me and of course, I will be highly recommended you and your products to anyone that has a Dell system.
Thank you very much for your help.
Michael T., Homosassa, FL

Recently I purchased Dimension2400. I've been looking for drive bracket all over the dell website. I even called them. All they said was the system is not built to support two harddrives.
I was delighted to see this kit! Very easy to install! And fits perfectly!
Thank you for providing this great service!
Takashi T., Tacoma, WA

Thanks for the prompt service, the kit arrived early, had excellent instructions and it took me just a few minutes to install my new drive. In fact I had no problems whatsoever with the kit...
This is a great product, many thanks.
Paul W., New York, NY

Just a note to say I have installed the bracket kit in my 2300 with a Maxtor 80 gig. It has been in for about a month now, and is working perfectly. This is an excellent product, and an extremely easy install. No regrets on this one! Thank you
Mike H., Chicago, IL

Thanks for the quick delivery. The product (hard drive bracket for the Dell Dimension 2300) works great. The install went much faster than expected about five minutes and I was pleased to find out I did not have to remove my original hard drive bracket or disconnect it to accomplish installation of the new bracket.
Paul R., Spicer, MN

I justed wanted to say thank you for everything Alex. The hardware came with instructions and adding the hard drive was an easy success. Glad to have done business with you.
Calvin T., Miami, FL

Your level of service is light-years ahead of Dell... You shipped it exactly when and how you promised.
Keep up the great work!
Ken B., Framingham, MA

I have just installed my 2nd harddisk, and everything worked fine. I was also surprised at the shipment - it took only a few days to get here, whereas Amazon packages usually take up to 4 weeks!
Keep up the good work!
Remko D., Madrid, Spain

Thanks for the quality of your service.
From being there to redress the gap in the service offered by Dell;
From putting together the complete project including a bracket design that dove-tailed perfectly with the innards of my PC; coupled with instructions even I could follow.
There were no hitches.
All worked perfectly. 5 minutes work.
To top it all I discovered XP with its friendly formatting of the extra drive for multimedia storage space.
Thanks again.
James O., Dublin, Ireland

I'm getting one kit for myself, and another for my mother's computer. Vendors like you help make eBay a great place.
John M., Monroe, MI

Received the bracket yesterday and installed it with no problem. Thanks for a great product!
Joel T., Shaker Heights, OH

I am so thankful that you developed the Dell bracket. It fits perfectly and the instructions were very helpful. At first, I tried to deal with Dell to resolve the issue and tech support sent me to sales and sales didn't know what I was talking about. They don't make such a part-- which is ridiculous! I am glad to have found your site. The part arrived only 2 days from when I placed the order with you. You have excellent customer service and a wonderful invention.
Brian K., Lawrenceville, GA

I figured I could always jam a spare hard drive into the floppy bay if I really wanted to. However, the bracket is a MUCH nicer option, so when I saw an easy way to buy it right in front of me, I was inspired! Great idea on your part! Thanks again for being so speedy! I'm definitely blown away by your service and the quality of the product. The directions and inclusion of all needed cables should make installation a breeze!
Robin S., West Hartford, CT

Thanks for the good idea, and then putting it into practice!!
Sally K., Milwaukee, WI

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