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Rickmktg's Website

For those you who need some help with your existing computer or help buying a new computer, I recommend you visit Rickmktg's site.  Rick has been providing computer support for over 20 years.  And his support is FREE!  In addition to pages of valuable information, Rick has links on his site to submit questions to him, and he gets 50 or more emails per day.  A contributor to the DellTalk forum for over 5 years, Rick has helped people add hard drives, memory, software, and most importantly solve problems that others haven't been able to solve. 

Rick also offers coupons and discounts on buying many things including Dell computers, and these offers change at least once per week if not more frequently!  Recent offers have included $750 off a new Dell computer, 35% off Dell LCD monitors, discounts on Dell TVs, coupons for Dell's Electronics and Accessories site, and more!  In addition to these Dell USA sites - Dell Home, Dell Small Business, and Dell Home Outlet, Rick has links to Dell Canada and Dell UK. 

Need RDRAM for your computer?  Rick has links to the EXACT sticks of memory for your Dell Dimension Bxxxr, Dimension 8100, 8200, and 8250 in addition to memory for all other Dell computers and any other computer, printer, or camera you own.

In addition, Rick offers links to Amazon (US, Canada, UK), Circuit City, CompUSA, Eagle Computer, eBay Office Depot, Netflix, OfficeMax, Tiger Direct, Toshiba, Walmart, and more!

Rick's links usually give you a discount versus going direct to the site you are visiting.  Even if there is no discount, you're giving Rick credit for the sale which helps him provide free support.  I know I've used his site and recommended it to many others.

Visit Rick's site today!

 Rickmktg's Website - click here!


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